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City of Chicago
BeWindy Bike Sharing System  

Final Final View.jpg

Chicago, IL, USA

The BeWindy Bike Sharing System is designed as an identifiable piece of sculpture situated within the urban landscape. A simple yet elegant form is both a prototype and customizable. The prototype is made from durable materials that can withstand the reality of severe Chicago weather. The base, vertical and horizontal armatures are intertwined into one sculptural form.


The system is customizable in that the horizontal armature above can be angled and sloped to address the appropriate sun angle direction for optimized photovoltaic array. In addition, the system color can be changed from Chicago community to Chicago community to create a “location specific” bike sharing systems throughout chicagoland. 

The triangular section of the system creates structure for the solar array armature, a low ramp to easily raise the bicycle to the locking mechanism, and depth for the rental interface. Through the use of solar power, the continuous system of recycled materials becomes a sustainable, self-illuminated beacon within the city; enhancing safety, community pride, and bicycle riding as a means of transit, exercise, and fun within the City of Chicago. 

Final Final View.jpg
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