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Bienek Residence 


Naperville, IL, United States

Sited in an atypical suburban lot in the heart of Naperville, IL, the Bieniek Residence ascends from the ground much like the dense vegetation which surrounds it. Taking advantage of its isolation from neighboring houses, serene views are framed to overlook the site’s 1.5 acres of preserved wetlands and mature foliage. The house consists of two very distinct elevations. The lower profile east facade creates a soft and inviting experience from the street level corridor. Conversely, the west facade, with three different terrace levels integrates indoor/outdoor space opening up to the wetlands and embracing nature. Evoking the rich qualities of its surrounding natural environment, the exterior envelope consists of zinc, IPE, kumara, and natural stone. Throughout the house, outside is brought in through various framed views and continuous clerestory windows. The living experience culminates at the 3rd level “tree house” where the views are elevated to the level of the surrounding tree canopy. 

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