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Erie Bike Rack

Erie Pier_final.jpg

Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

The movement of Lake Erie served as inspiration for the Erie Wave Bike Rack which is apparent in the curved design. The design has dual functions, not only serving cyclists with bike storage, but providing seating for pedestrians when bicycles are not attached. The bike rack also serves as a fun and interactive art piece that complements its surroundings. 

The Erie Wave Bike Rack is to be factory produced by local manufacturers supporting the local economy. The bike rack is constructed from oval tubes and securely grounded at two points, allowing the attachment of four bicycles. These measures will keep production costs to a minimum while having little impact on the environment. The Erie Wave Bike Rack will energize the city of Erie by encouraging ridership and sustainability, while providing cyclists with comfort and security throughout Downtown Erie and the surrounding community.  

Erie Pier.jpg
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