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5243 Hohman Avenue

Interior Rendering_Office_enlarged.jpg

Hammond, IN, United States

As with most Midwestern cities, the downtown area represented the lifeblood of the city, and sadly, many of these areas have become abandoned and forgotten. Downtown Hammond, Indiana is one of the many. In the heart of downtown Hammond, is an abandoned former Harris Bank Building. The building was constructed in 1965 and is an innovative example of the architecture of that period. Each wing of the ground level floor plate extend to the property line, yet the floors above are stepped in slightly, which allows for uninterrupted daylight into each façade of each orientation. 

We have used this existing innovation as the stepping stone towards transforming the building and downtown into a vibrant and thriving area once again. The building is clad in an outdated insulated glass panel, however each of the panels have a center pivot which allow for fresh air to enter the building. Instead of proposing a reclad of the glass wall system, we have taken the approach of “helping” the inferior capabilities of the glass and protecting it with a new “wrapping” throughout the exterior. The new cladding system is comprised of an 8” perforated stainless steel tube that will continuously wrap the building exterior. The new wrapping is then adjusted for each of the respective orientation to provide an appropriate amount of opacity. The southern, eastern, and western facades having the greatest amount of new cladding and the north façade having the least. 

The programmatic components include a coffee shop and lounge on the first floor. The coffee shop utilizes and repurposes the former bank teller area and bank vaults. The teller areas have become the sipping counters and the bank vault is a private roasting and tasting room. The second and third floors encompass a community college and the fourth floor includes a community center and office areas. 

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