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Chicago, IL, United States

Keep Loving Each Other; that is the purpose of the KLEO Center, an organization focused on creating a community where every person feels safe, loved, and has an opportunity to thrive. JGMA along with Brinshore Development and The Imagine Group is designing the new building to house this organization as well as 54 apartments and community-based retail. Located in the Washington Park neighborhood on Chicago’s south side, the building sits across the street from the KLEO Arts Residences; an award-winning mixed use building this team collaborated on previously. Together these two buildings will create a vibrant and active gateway to the community and stand as tangible symbols of the areas continued revitalization. 

On the east side of the lot sits the existing KLEO Center in a building that has outlived its use. The new building will not only hold its replacement, but will spring up from it in spirit. A mural on its west facade has for years served as a node for the community. The new building will literally draw color from it with accents matching the old paint scheme. Further, the basketball court in the existing parking lot will be replaced and integrated into the site design providing a safe place for physical activity. The north facade, along Garfield Boulevard, will host the new KLEO Center. A modern glass wall system will open up to a grade level terrace, connecting the members of the center to community at large. 


Once complete the public at large will be greeted to the area by a set of dynamic buildings at a bustling intersection. The addition of ground floor retail and community space will enhance the pedestrian experience to the corner. The residents of the upper floors will have access to a vibrant building featuring high quality units. And the youths who make up the membership of the KLEO Center will have a safe, colorful place to play, learn, and grow into leaders of the community. 

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