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Daniel Gomez Latorre

Daniel was born in Medellín, Colombia and has lived in Chicago since the age of six. Although the majority of his life has been spent in the United States, pride for his native country more than makes up for the difference in time. This combination of cultures has allowed him to develop a unique appreciation for the built environment and the possibilities it offers to a creative mind. Daniel's early involvement within JGMA's walls has been instrumental in his growth as an architect and proven fundamental in upholding the firm's design integrity no matter the scope of the project. Such an early commitment to the firm's push in establishing a multicultural practice has recently seen Daniel lead a multitude of projects. His passion for architecture and design is fueled by a never-ending curiosity to explore space, material, and location. Outside of his professional life, Daniel applies his experience in design-build, fabrication and woodworking to furniture and graphic design.

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