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Emilio Padilla

Emilio Padilla, AIA is a Project Principal at JGMA (Juan Gabriel Moreno Architects). Emilio studied architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago and also lived and studied in Merida, Mexico, and Barcelona, Spain during his academic career.

At JGMA, Emilio oversees and manages multiple projects while promoting the firm through business development. Through his 18 yrs of work experience and influence, Emilio’s portfolio includes a wide range of local and international project typologies; public and private sector, hospitality, aviation, commercial and non-profit organizations.

Emilio has served as president of Arquitectos Inc., where he supports the success of the organization’s mission. His mission-driven leadership has expanded services provided by Arquitectos to students, emerging professionals, and licensed professionals seeking further professional development. Emilio is also a board member of Landmarks Illinois. He is very active in the AEC community and has served as a roundtable member of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee for AIA Chicago where he helped promote EDI best practices within the profession.

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