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Residential Tower

Chicago, IL, United States

JGMA was hired by the John Buck Company to design a residential apartment tower that would represent the antithesis of the glut of apartment towers currently under construction or recently opened within the city of Chicago. This tower is directed specifically to the high-tech audience that is moving to the city due to the recent relocation of high-tech business to Chicago. The tower amongst many things provides the high-tech audience with the opportunity of living in a capacity that is commensurate with their atypical lifestyle.

The building branding was designed in tandem with the interior architecture and serves to compliment, enhance and playfully identify specific spaces within the building. Branding components weave through the major common area spaces, entry lobby, elevator lobby, mail room, dog run, bike storage room, and the rooftop lounge in order to thoughtfully create continuity and add whimsy to the building. Various branding representation methods were explored- from vinyl-applied graphics to laser-engraved porcelain tiles, each with deliberate intention of creating subtle texture on a wall versus a high contrast visual.


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