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Resort 1080
Sports Complex & Hotel

New Buffalo, MI, United States

JGMA has developed a prototype for Resort 1080, an extreme sports complex, intended as a catalyst for tourism. The project consists of a 400-room hotel, year-round ski and snowboard slope, indoor water park, arena, indoor BMX track, skate park areas, conference center, and retail areas. The first of these prototypes is scheduled to be constructed in a heavily wooded area in New Buffalo, Michigan, USA.

The site features a dense composition of trees and wetlands that create a restrictive construction area. Working closely with a local ecologist, JGMA has developed a concept that innovatively nestles the 600,000 sq. ft. building into the site while minimally impacting the ecosystem of the area. The building form has been creatively sculpted to allow for the functional use of all surfaces. The roof planes have been purposely sloped to allow for advanced and beginning skiing to occur, while programmatic areas requiring higher volumes are located beneath the slope. The ski surface will utilize a state of the art synthetic surface that will provide year round skiing and eliminate the need to blow snow and eliminate the need for water usage on the roof.

The orientation of the building takes into account solar conditions, views of Lake Michigan, and visibility from the arterial highways. By delimiting and preserving the wetland areas and the forest spaces, the development maintains a small footprint in relationship to the site. Other considerations like the use of ground-breaking building technologies and sustainable materials were taken to minimize the resort’s environmental impact.


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