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CDJ Fatima Entertainment District

Lima, Peru

The project is a new office tower along the coast line of Mira Flores District in Lima, Peru. The project continues the commercial strip along Armendariz. The program will include offices, a conference center, commercial, restaurants, a five star hotel and a large public plaza connecting Armendariz with the large park to the southwest. The design of the building is constrained by zoning regulations where the street side is allowed a maximum of 7 stories while the park/coast side is allowed a maximum of 17 stories. After filling out the entire volume, JGMA employed a subtractive process in order to define programs, allow natural light, maximize views, and create public space. The building will provide the consistent skyline of the Mira Flores district with an icon that will attract business and drive tourism. Although the building is not in the U.S., it will follow LEED Silver standards.


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