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Lakeside Mariano’s

Chicago, IL, United States

As part of the new Lakeside master plan, JGMA is developing a retail master plan intended to serve as a unique retail attraction. The center piece of which is the Lakeside Mariano’s Fresh Market. This project is slated to become Mariano’s flagship store.

Located at the northeast corner of Lake Shore Drive and 87th Street, the building sits at a prime location for visitors entering the retail master plan. Additionally, it will serve as a connector to the development’s linear park located directly to the north, which incorporates features from the former South Works Steel Mill, including an inlet canal and a 30 foot tall pair of stone walls which were previously used to store raw iron ore.

The Mariano’s store itself is constructed of cross-laminated timber products, referencing the new as well as the old industries of the area. Despite the simple structure beneath, the undulating roof form relates the building to its park-like context as well as provides generous clerestory windows to allow diffused natural light within.

Finally, the urban context of the retail master plan dictates that retail buildings are located towards the street, while parking lots are concealed within. This arrangement creates pedestrian plazas between the buildings which are connected with an overhead terrace to provide places to rest, eat, and play.


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