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Rincon Family Services 

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Chicago, Illinois, USA 

Rincon Family Services is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating, educating and empowering individuals and their families. JGMA was called upon to develop a model facility for their organization. The first of many interventions is the transformation of an existing two story, 12,000 sf facility in the Irving Park neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago. The facility will house administrative offices and meeting rooms as well as a culinary studio and community room on the second floor. To expand the square footage of the building, an added third level will include an event space, which opens onto an outdoor roof terrace, and vegetable/herb gardens to supplement the culinary studio.  

JGMA’s approach to the exterior of the building was to embrace and improve upon assets of the existing, using prominent existing vertical mullions as an underlying organization for a grid of tilted-panel over-cladding. The translucent rain-screen panels will allow diffused light to enter the interiors while protecting and insulating the existing structure. A mosaic of bright greens and yellows, the colorful facade will also bring much needed life and levity to the existing blank stucco and contribute to a new identity for this developing, family-oriented organization. 

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