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San Jose Obrero Mission

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Chicago, Illinois, USA 

San Jose Obrero Mission (SJOM) is a haven for women and children or men in crisis as they strive to secure permanent housing and improve their lives for the long-term.  By providing safe, interim housing, vocational training and job placement assistance, life skills training and basic nutritional, clothing, medical and hygienic support, SJOM gives its clients the tools to stay off the streets for good. Participants are empowered to take charge of their lives, gain permanent housing and gain lasting independence. 

JGMA was selected to conduct a thorough site documentation and analysis of SJOM’s current facility. From this analysis, the team established a project approach which included removal and renovation of existing structures, and new construction. By organizing the programs, including school, social services, housing, and support more efficiently and creating dynamic private and public outdoor spaces, the team was able to create a unified campus master plan for SJOM where they will be able to continue to serve Chicago community members as they work to find permanent housing and stable jobs. 

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