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Christian Community Health Center
(South Holland)

South Holland, IL, United States

The renovation for the South Holland clinic locates the new addition towards E. Sibley Blvd., thereby providing the clinic with greater street presence and visibility, and more importantly, it provides patients with a clear sense of entry into the new facility. This plan organization also provides the added potential for brand identification integrated directly within the architecture itself. From a planning standpoint, the new addition is then shifted to the West in order to maintain natural daylight in the existing examination rooms. An additional benefit with this plan arrangement is the shift in massing creates two separate outdoor spaces (gardens) to the Northeast and Southwest corners of the site, directly adjacent to the building. Our team believes in the therapeutic qualities of nature, these garden areas provide the staff and patients with a lushly vegetated space for waiting, meditation, and healing.

The centrally located nurses’ station acts as a nucleus, joining the existing building with the new addition. The entry and reception registration are located in the addition and share access to work file storage space with the nurses’ station. The location of the new, enlarged waiting room allows enhanced visibility and a protected entry drop-off sequence. The patient education area is located near the waiting space and will double as private consultation and waiting as necessary. The new addition provides 5 +1 examination rooms, while 6 exam rooms remain in the existing building. The design allows the clinic to be fully functional while the work is being performed. The new addition will be built in a preliminary phase and the minor remodeling will be conducted once the new spaces can be occupied.


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