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PCC Humboldt Park Clinic

Chicago, IL, United States

As a part of the Norwegian American Hospital Masterplan, the PCC clinic aims to provide a dynamic and tailored space for the PCC branch currently located within Norwegian American Hospital. The clinic would be the gateway to the Norwegian Wellness complex situated in the “Postage Stamp” 16 block area directly south of Division Ave. of Humboldt Park.

As a north gateway to the new wellness community, the building responds to the park’s southern edge, providing storefront for a public fitness facility and pharmacy tenant. The PCC Clinic spaces are elevated from the ground floor to provide the necessary privacy for patients as well as offer stunning vistas of Humboldt park and the neighboring fabric of buildings, people, and streets. The clinic spaces are organized in a racetrack fashion, with clinical rooms populating the perimeter building footprint and doctor’s lounge and staff areas located in the center below a dramatic skylight. Creating a completely immersive community experience, the main flow of pedestrian traffic within the building pushes people to the exterior where they encounter a metal façade screen that selectively reveals portions of the Park and conceals views when needed for patient privacy. People traverse the exterior to the very top of the building’s 3rd floor to a community kitchen and gathering space with access to an exterior roof deck, opening to the Park’s southern edge.

The Clinic will be the necessary communicative vessel between the community of Humboldt Park and ideals of the Norwegian American Hospital Wellness Masterplan. The clinic aims to be the exemplary role model for Humboldt Park by providing health services, physical fitness components, and educational facilities for healthy eating habits, transforming the hospital visit to a proactive measure of self and community engagement all nestled adjacent to an iconic Chicago Park.


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