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Nord Anglia British School of Chicago

Chicago, IL, United States

The design for Nord Anglia British School of Chicago embraces its site and utilizes the benefits of the Chicago River as a teaching tool, and an opportunity to engage students with nature within a dense urban context. This unique location immediately adjacent to the river affords the building sweeping views to the East and Southeast of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago, respectively.

The British School of Chicago will be the first component, and a catalyst for the redevelopment of the North Branch of the Chicago River from a historically industrial site into a more natural, and clean wildlife habitat, which encourages a strong engagement with pedestrians and community.

The school itself is comprised of 155,000 sf of learning, administration, and outdoor play space. The interior space wind themselves around a central atrium, bringing natural light throughout the building Furthermore, the coiling and stepping form defines expansive outdoor terraces at multiple levels, which further enhance the school’s integration with nature and context.


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