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BPC Next Stop

Chicago, IL, United States

In today's fast paced society people frequently use multiple means of transportation to get around. Whether your destination is for work or play, near or far, the new Chicago Bus Rapid Transit station merges all of modes of public and individual transportation to create a seamless and efficient commute. Additionally, by including the latest in GPS technology, long annoying wait times will be a thing of the past. Finally, by providing amenities such as seating, news media, and food, the Chicago Bus Rapid Transit station can become a public gathering space within the city.

The Chicago Bus Rapid Transit station is modular in its design, allowing it to expand or contract in size. This modular design allows the station to adapt to its site and fit in with the surrounding context. By simply rotating or mirroring the design, the station can perfectly orient to its site regardless of direction or relation to the street and curb. Finally, the modular design allows the offered amenities to be specific to its location.

The cork-screw form allows for a dynamic and localized entry sequence into the station (whether it be from the sides or the ends), according to its appropriateness to the tier scenario as well as for security purposes. The vertical walls have been thickened to accommodate all of the aforementioned amenities without sacrificing sheltered space for people to gather and wait. These programs are designed to be increased or decreased as determined by the needs of the BRT population.


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