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Hospital San Vicente Master Plan

Medellin, Colombia

The Hospital Universitario de San Vicente Fundación is a private institution dedicated to providing its far-reaching health services to all people, regardless of economic status. They have established a clear purpose of enriching the lives of those who need it most, by placing emphasis on the well-being of the patient through honest, and integral practices. At their core, San Vicente is devoted to the city of Medellín, and realize the benefits which come from providing quality healthcare can be redirected towards furthering sectors of the city typically ignored. San Vicente recognizes the potential in collaborative efforts between health and education, and the magnitude of impact which can be made on the community. Their push to modernize and be a unifying force within the city takes full advantage of their geographical positioning and permits San Vicente to play a key role in the city’s strategic plan of redeveloping Medellín into a hub of innovation at a global level. JGMA proposes a highly dynamic roofscape that mimics the energy found native to Medellin. This strategy tethers together a new hospital, educational facilities, family services, and other medical facilities through the implementation of a sinuous copper cladding and roof “strata.” This canopy melds the terra cotta roofing of the existing campus buildings and proposed structures into a cohesive statement for a campus wide vision. Below the open-air areas of the roof strata lies highly activated public walkways, bridging together people from all classes in Medellin. Beginning with the metro stop, the roof “strata” envelopes the train platform and forms a large public plaza which acts as an entry to the San Vicente campus. The roof gestures seamlessly transform into medical buildings ending with medical tower exclamation point serving as a beacon of positive growth in the city.

The campus masterplan aims to bridge together all walks of life in Medellin and offer state of the art educational facilities for all students and citizens alike. The architecture is merely a byproduct of civic intentions and identity expansion. This masterplan will monumentally change the urban fabric of Medellin and engage a conversation beyond healthcare and education, but what it means to be Colombian in the 21st Century.


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