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Riverline Master Plan

Chicago, IL, United States

The design for the RiverLine Retail Development is small in size, but monumental in significance. It is central to a Printer’s Row mixed-use development and it marks the culmination of River City, which revolutionized urban housing during its time.

The design strongly considers the unique characteristics of the site, including the proximity and public access to the river, as well as the distinct stratification of the area. The building enhances the mixed-use qualities of the master plan by providing programs that supplement the ideas of River City including a sense of community and social gathering.

The building design literally stratifies these programs into three distinct moments with a unifying circulation spine. The ground floor utilizes the existing topography and creates a bar and performance venue. The second floor is a restaurant with views of the Chicago River and neighborhood. Finally, the third floor is a rentable event space boasting 360 degrees of the Chicago skyline.


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